What Is Clean Sweep?

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Part I
An Organization Designed for Customer Quality Assurance

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The Clean Sweep Company is a Firm Organized
To Provide Quality Janitorial Services Through
Management and Supervision of Cleaning Services.

This starts with a clear and precise definition of each account's cleaning requirements. This is accomplished through the joint preparation of detailed "Cleaning Specifications". This document guides us in the staffing and special work scheduling for each facility.

SupervisorA Supervisor is assigned to every building. This individual is responsible for all aspects of the cleaning of his facility. His close and continuous supervision includes an inspection of every room each night.

Clean Sweep Supervisors are hired from within. We have an open policy that any employee of Clean Sweep can attend our two week formal Supervisor Training Program. They are paid extra for attending these classes. Graduates are normally employed initially to spell regular Supervisors during vacations or illness. Those that show they have a knack for supervisory duties are employed as openings occur.

Supervisors telephone our office each night before going to work. We tell them of any problems which may have been brought to our attention during the day, and check to make sure that any previous problems were resolved.

Each account is provided with a daily log in which the Building Manager may communicate directly with their Building Supervisor, and the Building Supervisor can bring any problems directly to their attention.

Special Crews

While it is true that all cleaning firms draw from the same labor pool, it is not true that all janitorial companies have the same type of people. Our primary source of employees comes through word of mouth advertisement from our present staff. Having a reputation of paying a fair wage and treating our personnel with respect allows us the luxury of having a waiting list of people to choose from.

We use a four step approach in selecting our employees:

Special Crews
  • A visual screening to eliminate the obviously undesirable.
  • A careful examination of the written application to see if the applicant can follow instructions and meets our selection criterion.
  • A background check of previous employers - no local references means instant disqualification, as does job hopping or an unexplained gap in employment record.
  • Only the very best applicants are selected to attend our janitorial training program. In addition to cleaning procedures, techniques, and maintenance of equipment, the importance of public relations is also stressed. Of those who attend this free training course (which has been given to City, State, and other local janitorial firms) we offer probationary employment to only a selected few. These are assigned to a Building Supervisor who carefully monitors their performance and makes the final decision to promote them to regular status.

Janitorial Crew We hire husband and wife teams and each person is given a specific task to accomplish (the wife takes care of general cleaning and the husband does the floors). Their job is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness - to do routine cleaning tasks as opposed to heavy cleaning. "Routine" tasks include emptying trash, vacuuming and sweeping floors, and other simple cleaning jobs. The heavy or difficult cleaning tasks, such as stripping and waxing of V-tile floors, are assigned to specially trained and equipped cleaning crews which are controlled and scheduled by the home office.

We wish it could state that we never have any problems, but there is no way that any firm can guarantee the honesty of their employees. It can be said, however, that over the past 30+ years Clean Sweep has had very few cases of theft and those that we did have, were able to be resolved quickly and fairly through our polygraph deterrent policy.

Day Porter Even though we try very hard not to make mistakes, our experience has proven that they will occur (Murphy's Law, if you will). For this reason, we try to provide day personnel in our accounts. The cost of such personnel are offset by assigning to them certain cleaning tasks other firms do at night (for example, cleaning of fire escape stair wells).

These personnel are carefully selected and trained to be able to provide not only cleaning tasks, but also public relations duties as well. Duties are jointly determined, and, as we like to say, can be anything as long as that requested to be done is neither illegal, immoral, or fattening!

Each account is inspected twice monthly by Staff. Jim inspects during the hours of cleaning, and Marge visits during normal office hours. With the Building Manager's permission, Marge will also visit each tenant to make sure there is no dissatisfaction with the cleaning services (Our experience has been that there is a marked difference how the cleaning is perceived during day light hours and night time). Basically, Jim checks to make sure we are performing according to specifications. Marge checks to see how our work is perceived.

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Part II
The Clean Sweep Company's Quality Assurance Program

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Clean Sweep recognizes the responsibility to continually monitor performance. To that end, we continually inspect our work during both the day and at night, on a scheduled basis as well as random inspections, in a never ending to find potential problem areas before they become issues to our customers and their employees. Our stated goal is to be proactive with our cleaning obligations.

However, the providing of custodial services is a very labor-intensive business. No matter how hard we try, mistakes will happen! We realize that such mistakes are our responsibility and are addressed immediately. This leads to two areas that are extremely critical to the Clean Sweep's Quality Assurance Program: Communication with our Customer, and Follow-Up by our Staff.

Communication with our Customer: We have many different ways for our customers to communicate with us, so that each of our individual customers can use what is most comfortable to them.

  • We tour our customers accounts during the day on a regular basis, either with or without customer contact (at their discretion), and make ourselves available to discuss our work in person.
  • We make ourselves available in person to our customers employees or tenants (again at our customers discretion) to discuss any issues or unique cleaning challenges that they may have.
  • EMail, for our computer savvy customers that want to utilize the time saving method of communication, has been especially helpful to our customers to track comments and requests. The ability to send or receive any necessary &Quot;attached&Quot; files back and forth helps to enhance our service.
  • To insure quick communication and/or issue resolution, the customer contact gets our office phone number, cell phone number, office fax number and email address of each of the owner/manager&146;s of Clean Sweep.
  • Every account has a "Communication/Control" (the "Red Book") book placed in the account at a spot decided upon by our customer. This to help aid in quick, and direct communication between our night staff Account Management.

Staff Follow-Up: If a performance issue comes up, we accept the responsibility to redress the issue in a prompt and courteous manner to the complete satisfaction of our Customer. We accomplish this through our "Closed-Loop" system of communication.

  • A Customer Issue is Communicated via phone, email, fax or in person.
  • Initial Response: Clean Sweep responds back to customer via phone, email, fax, or in person to verify we received issue. Depending upon problem, Clean Sweep contact may check issue in person (meet with customer or customer&146;s employee if needed or requested to get customer&146;s input and perception of the issue).
  • Operations Meeting: Operations staff meets with Area Supervisor prior to start of that night shift to describe issues and discuss possible solutions.
  • On-Site Meeting: Area Supervisor meets with concerned janitor to determine plan of action to remedy problem.
  • Initial remedy: Janitor takes care of issue (if it is a quick fix, it is done that night, if it will take more than one night, janitor lets Supervisor know how much was completed that night).
  • Initial Follow-Up: Area Supervisor checks janitor&146;s work to ensure that it was completed (and/or to see how much was completed).
  • Secondary Follow-Up: Depending on severity of issue, Area Supervisor or Operations Manager may follow-up on Supervisor&146;s check to ensure satisfactory completion.
  • Operations Follow-Up: Area Supervisor or Operations Manager leaves note in Red Book for Account Manager regarding status of problem.
  • Quality Review: Account Manager reviews Operations follow-up and makes any necessary recommendations to Operations staff for continued follow-up to ensure that the issue is resolved for the long-term.
  • Resolution: Within 24 hours, Clean Sweep responds back to customer via phone, email, fax, or in person to verify issue has been resolved.

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