Why Contact Clean Sweep?

  1. To Be Knowledgeable:
    What should you reasonably expect from your janitors? While it would be nice to be able to clean an office building top to bottom each and every night, the reality of the situation is that one simply could not afford such services.   More!;

  2. To Be Prepared - "Viable Alternates":
    Before trouble happens, take the time to look around and find a few firms to have "standing in the wings". Pre-qualify those you will wish to consider if and when you decide to make a change. Identify those who can do the work, and those with whom you would feel comfortable working with. Pre-qualification can be done by:
    • Talking to other Building Managers to obtain their opinion of the various cleaning contractors available.
    • Request references from selected cleaning contractors. These references should reflect accounts which they are presently doing of facilities of the same approximate size and tenant mixture as your facility. Request both a contact with the responsible person and the address of the facility so that you can visit to see first hand the quality of work being performed.

  3. To Be Prepared - "Areas & Specifications":
    The price for custodial services is determined through a combination of services required and their frequency. This is formalized in a document referred to as your "Cleaning Areas & Specifications". This document establishes the ground rules and is the means by which one can obtain comparable bids.    More!

  4. To Help Prepare Bid Request:
    In general, you should send a "Bid Request" letter to those firms you wish to consider (Pre-qualification of bidders will eliminate disreputable or incompetent contractors and make this part of the process much easier). In your request letter, set a time and date and invite them to a meeting. At this time:
    • Give them a copy of your cleaning specifications;
    • Tell them the square footage and any special cleaning situations involved;
    • The bids, for easy comparison purposes, should be requested in both a cost per square foot maintained and a total monthly cost. They should be based on the actual square footage to be maintained as opposed to the gross (The sum of the "Common" and "Leased" square footage);
    • Inform them of the date and time you wish to receive their proposals as well as the starting time for the work to begin;
    • Take them on a tour of your facility.
    Following the above sequence will minimize the time required of you and insure that all firms are bidding on the same information.   More!

  5. To Request a non-binding, non-intrusive custodial services bid from The Clean Sweep Company:   More!
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